ooops ! 'ls' & "last modified" column

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Fri Mar 26 01:37:36 UTC 2010


> I just finished installing FreeBSD on a "machine" whose CMOS time is not 
> set to UTC.
> The System time is reported correctly (using 'date') but, suprisingly 
> (?), 'ls -la' reports that, among others, the files belonging to "the 
> skeleton" in the user home have been modified... in the future (1 hour 
> later) !

Wait one hour :)

I had a stange behaviour with some release of FreeBSD (around 7).

We are 7 hours ahead of UTC; after a fresh install I usually do a
system upgrade to be sure to be up with every patches.

It occured to me a couple of times that the installworld would not
work, even though I adjkerntz before. The only way I had was to change
the CMOS clock to the local time and change it back to UTC after
installing world.

Of course, after 7 hours the problem would disappear.



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