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Tim Gustafson tjg at
Thu Mar 25 03:14:11 UTC 2010


My workstation runs FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE amd64.  I have Xorg 1.6.5 and an nVidia GeForce 5200 dual head video card.

Currently the first head of the card is operating well using the "nv" driver.  I tried to compile the nvidia-driver port, but it tells me that I need nvidia-driver-173 because the 5200 chipset isn't supported by the current driver.  When I go to compile nvidia-driver-173 it tells me that it is not supported under the amd64 architecture.  I can't switch to an i386 kernel because I need the amd64 architecture to take advantage of all my RAM and also because I am using ZFS on this workstation, which more or less requires the amd64 architecture.

So, I have two questions:

1. Is there any way to get the nvidia-driver-173 port to work with my amd64 OS?

2. Is there any way to get the second head of the 5200 video card to work using the nv driver?  I tried adding a second device section to xorg.conf but the system errors out telling me that it tried to use conflicting hardware.  I've attached both my xorg.conf and my Xorg.0.log file to this message.

Or am I stuck buying a newer card?

Tim Gustafson
Baskin School of Engineering
UC Santa Cruz
tjg at

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