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Jorge Biquez jbiquez at
Mon Mar 22 01:24:46 UTC 2010


CPANEL is an interface , graphical, pro administering services 
(jailed usually) in servers. That way users can do almost anything 
with is virtual server. It is kind of popular and for what I have used is good.

You open another question I was going to ask in the list. If all of 
you guys can comment the use of Freebsd in Graphical or text mode. In 
my case I have to confess that I do not know any GUI under Freebsd I 
have never installed one since version 2 since all the services I 
have used I guess do not need the GUI. With my latest installatio I 
was thinking on playing with X Windows but I decided for later.

For general use what do you do?
I know some of you use only or mainly FreeBSD. Always in text. I have 
done it for a while, I am not an expert like you at all but a few 
days could do my job only on text console.
Now I am planing to return to my basics, developing and I am 
constructing a small machine for that . I will be doing simple thing, 
PHP, Python, Mysql and that's all. Still thinking what's more 
convenient if under text or GUI. (remember the good old days under 
HP300, fortran cobol, clipper, etc etc?) I am deciding for a good 
text editor (suggestions?) and maybe for testing will use and old PC 
with any flavor of Windows with any browser will be enoiough)

Can some of you give me your comments and advice?

Thanks Olivier and all for your time.

Jorge Biquez

At 07:07 p.m. 21/03/2010, you wrote:
> > Just curios I have a client that has a dedicated server using CPanel.
> > I am just curios that they are using Exim as the MTA . I imagine that
> > has an an advantage for using under CPanel.
>I never laid my hand on any Exim server, I don't even know what CPanel
>is. If it's a kind of GUI for Exim, I never use GUI on my servers, I
>strictly stick to an all text files politics:
>- I have a consistent GUI for all files, my usual text editor;
>- even from the other side of the world, throught a very slow
>   connection (talking like 12kbps) I can do some administration;
>- I feel I have much more control on what is doing what, and where is
>   everything.

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