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Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Sun Mar 21 23:44:22 UTC 2010

>>>>> "Jorge" == Jorge Biquez <jbiquez at> writes:

Jorge> I said that I am not sure but that even spamassin could be configured
Jorge> to run under send mail or if that does not work that to move from
Jorge> sendmail to another could be the solution and not so difficult, like
Jorge> postfix. Am I wrong? could be that movement easy to do?  I mean to move
Jorge> from sendmail to postfix to be able to have spamassasin run. Or it is
Jorge> better to have that solution (have mail server with spam filters) could
Jorge> be get with some other mix of software and tools? (of course my linux
Jorge> friend says that they have rpm's ready to solve that even when do not
Jorge> know how it works, not interested in that)

Once I discovered postfix, my opinion with sendmail is "never again!".

Postfix has a readable config file (with comments!) that doesn't
require "compiling" into the proper syntax.

Postfix understands and plays well with things like content-filters,
RBLs, dovecot (and others) for SSL.

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