Spamassasin, sendmail, Postfix

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at
Sun Mar 21 20:17:51 UTC 2010

Hello all.

I have been talking with a Linux guy  (you know the never ending kind 
of war, my Linuxreligion is better than your Freebsdreligion, easier 
to install , upgrade blah  blah blah). Anyway, talking about the best 
option for filtering spam and having an email solution for personal 
simple use (small office, 3-4 people) that sendmail could be the 
simples and the best option to follow, with some rules like spamcop, 
rbl , etc, could be fine. I said that I am not sure but that even 
spamassin could be configured to run under send mail or if that does 
not work that to move from sendmail to another could be the solution 
and not so difficult, like postfix. Am I wrong? could be that 
movement easy to do? I mean to move from sendmail to postfix to be 
able to have spamassasin run. Or it is better to have that solution 
(have mail server with spam filters) could be get with some other mix 
of software and tools? (of course my linux friend says that they have 
rpm's ready to solve that even when do not know how it works, not 
interested in that)

Can you comment on your experience to accomplish this?

Thank in advance and I am sorry if this sound too basic.

Jorge Biquez

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