Trouble Installing JKD15 On A Vanilla 8.0 Installation

Tom Purl tom at
Sat Mar 20 18:26:04 UTC 2010

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 10:03 AM, Warren Block <wblock at> wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Mar 2010, Tom Purl wrote:
>> First, after the port had compiled on my system for many hours, it
>> crashed with an error message stating that I was "out of swap space".  I
>> had only devoted 128 MB of RAM to the VM at this point (I planned to
>> increase it later), so I doubled that to 256 MB
> That still seems pretty small for a Java build from source.  Give the VM as
> much memory as the host can afford.  You can always reduce that after the
> build is done.
>> and re-ran "make install clean".
> There may have been a half-built work directory still in place from the
> failed build.  If that happens, clear it with a 'make clean'.
> For big ports like Java, it helps to break up the steps.  Do just a make,
> then if it builds, make install, then after that succeeds, make clean.

Thanks for the advice Warren!  I ended up doing the following:

* Giving the VM 512 MB of RAM.  I also tried with 256, but I got the
  same "out of swap space" error.
* cd /usr/ports/java/jdk15 && make clean
* make # wait 4 or 5 hours for this package alone :)
* make install
* make clean
* make distclean

This finally worked for me I didn't get any other errors.

>> 1. Is Java 5 not supported on version 8 of FreeBSD?  I found the
>> following tip that apparently eliminates this error, but it really seems
>> to be a hack to me.  Is there a better way?
>> *
> Don't know, but jkd16 works on 8.  Except the Firefox plugin.

It's now clear to me that jdk15 does work on 8.

Thanks again Warren!

Tom Purl

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