Trouble Installing JKD15 On A Vanilla 8.0 Installation

Warren Block wblock at
Fri Mar 19 15:03:56 UTC 2010

On Fri, 19 Mar 2010, Tom Purl wrote:

> I wanted to create a small test system that could host SSH, Apache,
> and Jboss, so I decided to install the 8.0 version of FreeBSD on
> Virtualbox. Everything had gone very well until I tried to install the
> jdk15 port.  Please note that I am very comfortable with Linux (I've
> been using it at home for 9 years), but I'm very new to the world of
> FreeBSD.
> First, after the port had compiled on my system for many hours, it
> crashed with an error message stating that I was "out of swap space".  I
> had only devoted 128 MB of RAM to the VM at this point (I planned to
> increase it later), so I doubled that to 256 MB

That still seems pretty small for a Java build from source.  Give the VM 
as much memory as the host can afford.  You can always reduce that after 
the build is done.

> and re-ran "make install clean".

There may have been a half-built work directory still in place from the 
failed build.  If that happens, clear it with a 'make clean'.

For big ports like Java, it helps to break up the steps.  Do just a 
make, then if it builds, make install, then after that succeeds, make 

> 1. Is Java 5 not supported on version 8 of FreeBSD?  I found the
> following tip that apparently eliminates this error, but it really seems
> to be a hack to me.  Is there a better way?
> *

Don't know, but jkd16 works on 8.  Except the Firefox plugin.

> 2. I think there's a possibility that this error is due to the earlier
> segfault of the package manager.

That was not shown in your message, so it's hard to tell exactly what 
you mean.  Unless you're talking about the port build error, which 
wasn't a segfault or a package manager.

> Would it therefore make sense to re-install it using the "make 
> deinstall && make install clean" command?

Which "it"?

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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