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On 17/03/2010 16:22:17, Paul Schmehl wrote:
> I recently upgraded from FreeBSD 7.2 STABLE to 8.0 STABLE.  I also
> upgraded from KDE3 to KDE4 and rebuilt all my ports.  Everything seems
> to work fine except the mouse.  There is an irritating delay that I
> can't seem to get rid of.  For example, if I mouse to the address line
> in Firefox and begin typing in a url, nothing happens until I move the
> mouse.  Then, suddenly, what I typed will appear in the address bar.
> If I'm working in a shell, for example running portupgrade, nothing
> happens until I move the mouse.  Then suddenly portupgrade will start
> working.
> Has anyone seen this type of behavior?  Have any idea what the cause
> might be or where to look to troubleshoot the issue?

There was a bug in X several months back that resulted in the same
symptoms.  As I recall, it appeared with first X version that defaulted
to using hal and dbus -- a work around was to tweak xorg.conf to
restore the old behaviour, by adding entries like this:

Section "ServerLayout"
        Option         "AllowEmptyInput" "off"

Check the archives for the full story -- there were more things to
twiddle than just that option.

The problem was fixed within a couple of weeks, and given that you
should have rebuilt everything as part of your 7.2 to 8.0 upgrade, it
really shouldn't be affecting you.  It might be the case that the same
sort of work arounds help in your case though.



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