What is the path of knowledge from Novice to committer, In FreeBSD?

Vishal Kashyap vishal.vinix at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 03:41:36 UTC 2010

Respected Sir,
*I am MCA(Master Of Computer Application) Student from India,Asia *and much
intrested about UNIX or UNIX-like OS. As per my knowledge, in FreeBSD; there

*Volunteers(For Questioning) --> Contributers --> Committers*
2] After That; To Be Contributer
3] After That; To Be a Committer.
So, please guide me sir, about the above path (iff, it is correct) i.e. how
could i cover above path? I mean to say, how could I develop my Knowlwdge in
FreeBSD to follow above path.
Please, guide me with any thing you think better for me(books,web links,any
thing). I've average knowledge of UNIX. And, right now; I am studying
FreeBSD on Vmware Workstation.
Thanks And Regards,
Vishal Kashyap.

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