building from source after freebsd-update

johnea me at
Sun Mar 14 19:03:32 UTC 2010

On 2010-03-14 05:39, Alexandre L. wrote:
> Please read the handbook section related to the FreeBSD update tool
> freebsd-update is a binary update tool, so you haven't got anything to rebuild, except your custom kernel (if you are using one).

That handbook section is where I read:
"The default is to update the source code, the entire base system, and the kernel."

And in fact much of the /usr/src/ does contain source code.

/usr/src/sys/ subdirectories seem populated, and some directories under
/usr/src/usr.bin/ and /usr/src/usr.sbin/ contain source, while others only
contain the Makefile.

/usr/src/usr.sbin/sendmail/ contains only the Makefile. Which lead to the
make depend error I experienced.

It seems like I could build the kernel, and parts of the non-kernel base,
but not other parts.

After RTFMing, scroogling for days, and going through UPDATINGs and READMEs I'm
still not clear on how to mix freebsd-update and building all or parts of the
base source.

I'm interested in being able to build system apps in the base, custom kernel
modules, and eventually the entire kernel.

freebsd-update is _extremely_ painless for tracking the security patches. It
would be nice to be able to mix this with a certain amount of building source.

Any insight is greatly appreciated...


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