Full Unicode Support for FreeBSD

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Fri Mar 12 18:33:48 UTC 2010

Hi, Elmar--

On Mar 12, 2010, at 9:54 AM, Elmar Stellnberger wrote:
>  I am looking forward to engage in FreeBSD by implementing ext3-support
> and a suspend to disk facility.

mount_ext2fs or fusefs ought to work with ext3 filesystems.

zzz or "acpiconf -s 4" ought to address the suspend to disk facility, but it depends greatly upon the quality of the BIOS to actually conform with the ACPI spec.

> If there would be any interest I also ported my checkroot facility (http://www.elstel.com/checkroot/).

How is this different from what's already available:


...or via something like tripwire?  If you're only doing MD5 and not something like SHA1 or SHA256 (or multiple checksums, better yet), I don't see the point

> However all these little configuration issues like UTF-8 support are
> out of the scope what I can do because I am not a packager.

I'm not sure what you mean by "UTF-8" support.  FreeBSD itself does reasonably well, and the quality of third-party ports varies.

> I would be glad if the responsible packagers or anyone else was willing to engage
> in this. At least I will have to think about my engagement in terms of
> community support for precious issues like this one.

It's unclear what you mean by this.  At the basic level, things happen by people writing changes and submitting patches.  There is no shortage of opinions which are sadly lacking code.  :-)


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