Full Unicode Support for FreeBSD

Elmar Stellnberger elmstel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 17:54:58 UTC 2010

  I am looking forward to engage in FreeBSD by implementing ext3-support
and a suspend to disk facility. If there would be any interest I also
ported my checkroot facility (http://www.elstel.com/checkroot/).
  However all these little configuration issues like UTF-8 support are
out of the scope what I can do because I am not a packager. I would be
glad if the responsible packagers or anyone else was willing to engage
in this. At least I will have to think about my engagement in terms of
community support for precious issues like this one.

> Yes! Good of you to say so! Your code and other patches will be
> integrated as soon as you send them.
> > Isn`t it time for FreeBSD to fully support Unicode/UTF-8 by now?
> > It is considered to be standard charset by now. XML uses it by default.
> > If you are working with texts in different languages there is no
> > alternative to UTF-8.
> > If you chat with a Linux machine you can easily run into charset
> > troubles if you are
> > still using the old iso-8859-1.
> > By now it is no problem to activate UTF-8 for your console.
> > However a comprehensive Unicode support would require much more:
> > i.e. configuring all user packages like KDE for Unicode support and
> > asserting that also file names (f.i. from ext2 partitions) are interpreted
> > correctly.

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