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Pongthep Kulkrisada ptkrisada at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 07:28:18 UTC 2010

Hi Polytropon,

Firstly, thanks for your suggestion.

* Polytropon (freebsd at edvax.de) wrote:
> You can consider using "pkgadd -r" to install binary packages.
> Those are quite synchon with the ports tree (as they are
> centrally built from the ports tree).
I checked /var/db/pkg; I have 464 ports installed on my system (including X).
I would probably not do so.

> What about using freebsd-update? It delivers patches in binary
> form for the OS, so you don't need to make world and kernel,
> and if you're following the 8.x-RELEASE-p track, you don't 
> have to recompile your whole software ports - as it has been
> mentioned, this is only needed if you update the major version
> number (e. g. 7.2 -> 8.0).
Once I used binary upgrade from 6.2 -> 6.3.
The source tree was still 6.2 while the system was 6.3.
I know there are no problems with the system.
But it is *untidy*, I don't want to.

> > I upgrade ALL FREQUENT used ports and ALL related libraries required by them.
> Programs like portmaster can be really helpful here.
Yes, it is what I am expecting. Thank you.
I read the handbook. There are 2 choices i.e. portmanager and portmaster.
I am now thinking which one is better.
I must also check time and disk space required to build all these ports.

> Oh yes, the joy if you want to have a german OpenOffice version,
> where you could run "pkg_add -r de-openoffice" in the past... :-)
> I know what you mean, I try to avoid compile orgies whenever
> possible, at least on my home system. On servers which usually
> don't have GUI stuff, but services that need updates often due
> to security considerations, it's not a big deal.)
I have nothing to do with Office suite.
I might probably not do so, thanks.

> The ISO images are tied to a specific OS version, and they can
> be used with it without problems. You can run into trouble when
> upgrading the OS, and then try to install software from a CD
> that expects another OS version.
I have never installed any softwares from CD/DVD.
I install from CD only when I want to wipe out everything.
And install a new fresh system.

> Using "pkg_add -r" offers the same comfortability as installing
> software from local CD or DVD, but it's usually "up to date" and
> "fits better" to the ports tree - which is useful when you
> install software both from source and from binaries.
If I choose between packages and ports, I opt ports.
As previously mentioned ``portmaster'' or ``portmanager'' should be helpful.
Please give some comments, which one is better.
I read from handbook; but I have never used it.
I don't know so much in this area.
It is system specific and not part of the standard (POSIX or SUS).

Note: I'm just a hobbyist not pro. :-)


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