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Pongthep Kulkrisada ptkrisada at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 04:28:28 UTC 2010

* Chuck Swiger (cswiger at mac.com) wrote:
> Yes, it's not enough.
> When you upgrade the base OS to a new major version (ie, going from  
> 7.x to 8.x), the system libraries get bumped to a new version, but any  
> libraries coming from ports are still linked against the older version  
> of the frameworks.  If you don't touch anything, backwards  
> compatibility for 7.x will continue to work fine, but as soon as you  
> start installing something new or upgrade any port, you run into the  
> situation where executables are linked against two different versions  
> of libc.so (etc) and they break.
> For all practical purposes, if you upgrade to a new major version,  
> then you must rebuild all installed ports.
Thank you for your suggestions.
I should mention that recently ``cdrecord'' is broken in 8.0.
It ran pretty well in 7.2.
After I updated the ports and rebuilt, it works fine.
But it takes very long time to rebuild all ports.
Main problem is KDE, big big ports.
Okay, I shall do it, when I have time.

> Things going into -CURRENT may not be "well tested", but anything  
> being merged back to -STABLE ought to be.  Humans make mistakes, but I  
> can't recall more than two or maybe three significant issues over a  
> decade tracking -STABLE, and these were fixed in a matter of hours.   
> If you do care about this level of precision, you should be building  
> to a test platform and then running sanity checks for whatever your  
> machines do before upgrading production boxes, anyway.
> Beyond that, however, you ought to consider tracking the security  
> branch, ie, RELENG_8_0, rather than 8-STABLE aka RELENG_8, as the  
> former does include recommended changes like security bugfixes, but  
> avoids merging in anything which has not been "well tested".
I understand what you said.
But I always have no time to do so.
Normally, I concentrate on my work rather than tracking new patches.

* Robert Huff (roberthuff at rcn.com) wrote:
> Chuck Swiger writes:
> 	And if you have the time and knowledge to not have to do this
> ... you're probably not involved in the discussion to begin with.
> 	:-)
I upgrade ALL FREQUENT used ports and ALL related libraries required by them.
Excluding GUI stuffs.
When I want to update *ALL* these kinds of things (2-3 years once),
I wget iso images, in stead of cvsup/csup.
I always do this way since 5.4 without any problems excepted ``cdrecord''
as mentioned earlier.


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