Booting MFS from Secondary Partition

Fbsd1 fbsd1 at
Fri Mar 5 23:40:17 UTC 2010

Martin McCormick wrote:
> Fbsd1 writes:
>> There is hard coded logic that is stopping you from doing what you want.
>> Looks like you are SOL.
> 	Me thinks you are absolutely correct. I was only hoping
> I was doing something wrong and a slight syntax change would
> make it work. Thank you and thanks to Maciej Milewski <milu at>
> for his suggestion.
> 	I have one last trick up my sleve before giving up
> completely on this idea. Maybe I can hijack one of the rc.x
> scripts to cause it to spew a memory disk image of the mfsboot
> code on to the freshly-unmounted /dev/ad0 device during a
> reboot. Since the goal is to completely rebuild the system
> anyway, this would be the last gasp of the present system as it
> gets ready to reboot, hopefully with mfsbsd and all hard drives
> dismounted.
> Martin McCormick
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just dd the image to what ever drive you want

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