video cam with room view for FreeBSD

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> In the past I've had reasonable succes using a standard
> camcorder over 
> firewire to do things like this. It's been a few years
> though. If using 
> firewire isn't an issue for you, I'd be happy to delve into
> my pile of 
> notes and see if I can find you something of a howto. The
> advantage of a 
> firewire camera is in the much more standardized protocol
> between PC and 
> camera.
> Bas

USB cameras are starting to implement a standard protocol as well:
(Shortened to "UVC")
It is apparently a requirement for USB and Vista certification.

>From the Wikipedia page:

Not implemented yet, there are patches available which make Linux kernel USB mediadrivers work in userspace by using an asynchronous USB interface. It's the first OS allowing to have an entire highspeed USB driver in userland.


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