Loader.conf mfs statements

Fbsd1 fbsd1 at a1poweruser.com
Thu Mar 4 23:59:03 UTC 2010

Daniel Bye wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 04, 2010 at 09:48:27PM +0800, Fbsd1 wrote:
>> Tyring to understand what mfsbsd is doing.
>> In its loader.conf file i see these statements
>> geom_uzip_load="YES"
>> mfs_load="YES"
>> mfs_type="mfs_root"
>> mfs_name-"/mfsroot"
>> tmpfs_laod="YES"
>> vfs.root.mountfrom="ufs:/dev/mdo
>> Where do I find documentation on the meaning of these statements?
> loader.conf(5) and /boot/defaults/loader.conf

All ready checked those sources before posting with no joy.
IE: your are wrong. Those sources have no info on the mfs* statements.

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