install.cfg for Documentation Installation Menu on 8.0-RELEASE

Ross westr at
Thu Mar 4 15:41:43 UTC 2010

dJ> What come up with 8.0-RELEASE is the new FreeBSD
dJ> Documentation Installation Menu in sysinstall. I would like to know
dJ> what command for install.cfg to configure my installation with, say,
dJ> English Documentation.

It's undocumented (and breaks non-interactive installs) so I ended up
going through the source to find the answer for myself a while ago.

The option you want is:


Where the #### is a bitfield for which versions of the doc packages
you want installed.  Also the bitfield must be in _decimal_, not 0x##
format, or it won't correctly select what you want.  You need to view
version 1.75 or higher of dist.h (from sysinstall's source) to get the
full listing.  URL:;content-type=text%2Fplain

0 (zero) disables installation.  16 is english.

*** WARNING/RANT: If you use any of the "distSetxxxxxx" (eg:
distSetKernDeveloper) options to select what to install, it doesn't
matter what you've selected above - you _will_ be prompted with a menu
to select a doc package upon running sysinstall.  (Those options reset
distDoc option above).

Non-interactive sysinstall is effectively broken in FreeBSD 8.0
distribution disks. (There is a way around it, but it's a pain in the

That being said: sysinstall has been patched in source last month (Feb
2010), so should be good for 8.1, with the default of no docs
installed if "nonInteractive=yes" is set in your sysinstall.cfg file.



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