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Aiza aiza21 at
Tue Mar 2 10:04:38 UTC 2010

Programmer In Training wrote:
> Resend: Sorry if this has appeared twice before. First time sent at
> 11:13 CST, sent a second time at 12:43 CST. Sending this one at
> approximately 21:37 CST, CCing owner because this (posting new mails to
> the list) is an on going problem I'm having. I would like to know what
> the problem is so I can have some hand in trying to solve it.
> Now on to the problem at hand.
> I'm not exactly sure what is going on here. Just about 10 minutes (more
> like several hours) ago my mouse locked up and stopped responding,
> eventually forcing me to reboot because I couldn't get it to start
> responding again. I even had to unplug it from the USB port (it is a USB
> mouse) and plug it back in because it lost power for some reason. I
> tried restarting hald and dbus, figuring that was the problem, I also
> tried using sysinstall to configure the mouse to no luck. I have use of
> my mouse again, but my scroll wheel is no longer being recognized. I've
> once again tried using sysinstall and restarting hald and dbus to no avail.
> It's a fairly old (about 6-8 years) Logitech optical mouse (if I'm not
> mistaken, this is one with force feedback, but I'm not concerned about
> that feature).
> I was actually on the phone talking with someone while trying to check
> up on some messages I had received via FaceBook when the mouse went out.
> At first I had thought that my computer had locked because nothing
> seemed to be responding, but a quick check showed me I could still
> alt+1-5 through my workspaces (keyboard is also USB and apparently
> suffered no such interruption).
> Both mouse and kb are on a PCI USB 2.0 expansion port because the
> builtins at the back of the box are on their way out (mobo is about as
> old as the mouse).
> Any ideas?

Get a new mouse that old one is dieing fast. The copper wires will break 
over time and short out.

And quit sending posts to freebsd-questions-owner at just send 
to freebsd-questions at

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