Dell workstation / server Freebsd's compatibility

Olivier GARNIER ap1-10 at
Sat Jun 26 16:48:53 UTC 2010


I've got an old workstation wich i use to have FreeBSD server on it 
(http/samba/ 4 disk on RAID)
It's summer time and the old workstation will not work at the end the 
summer time (too warm for it)

So ii wish to change it.
I don't need a big server, a tiny workstation will be enough.
I wish a inter CPU and dell construction (i'm use to use there work)
So herre is the question :

If you have dell computer (wich is still sold by dell) and if you're 
working with FreeBSD on it with no more problem, can you tell me witch 
computer you have ?
(it would be great to have the same list as laptop 
(*laptop* For workstation and server ...)



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