Running an Old Kernel

Martin McCormick martin at
Sat Jun 26 14:02:32 UTC 2010

"b. f." writes:
> On 6/25/10, b. f. <bf1783 at> wrote:
> Looking at Matthew Seaman's earlier response, I find that his
> suggestion to make  changes to ${PREFIX}/etc/pam.d/sudo is more
> appropriate than my guess above.  But you probably need to look into
> the details, because judging from the comments in the
> ${PREFIX}/etc/pam.d/sudo.default file, there seems to be some
> subtleties involving sudo and pam_lastlog.  Look at the pertinent
> manpages, the sudo docs, and:

	I do not believe any longer that this has anything to do
with the FreeBSD version or patch level or the kernel. I have
not solved the problem yet, but someone sent me a message off
list with several good suggestions for comparing files on one
system to those on another. I began to test to see which of our
existing systems show the last login message and which do not.

	The fortunate thing is that there are several FreeBSD
systems spread out over 3 campuses. All run FreeBSD6.3 at the
same patch level. Three out of the 6 work normally. The other 3
also work normally except for that "last login" message.

	The FreeBSD8.0 system that also shows the message is
patterned after one of the systems that is also displaying the
unwanted message.

	The 3 systems that show the message are all essentially
copies of each other so I am unwittingly copying  the behavior
even across FreeBSD versions.

	I expect to find the corruption in /usr/local
as that is the one directory tree in which many files and
scripts from the old system are copied to the new system. I may
be accidentally getting some libraries or some of /usr/local/bin
that should not come across.

	I will post a message when I find out because this
behavior should not be happening.

Martin McCormick

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