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On 18/06/2010 02:53:25, cipher crypted wrote:

> I am a bit slow when it comes to downloads, and I have been consumed
> by this slowness in trying to download/obtain your latest release of
> FreeBSD (8.0, I think). I visited your "get FreeBSD page and clicked on
> your "amd64 distribution" link, and couldn't figure out what or how to
> download and install your latest distribution from the resulting page.

> Can someone please guide a lame-brain like me to this task, please?
> Or point me in the right direction as to where I can obtain help for this
> in plain, lamens terms?

Sure.  This is the place to get help.

Click here:


Now, you're going to need to write that .iso image to a CD.  Exactly
what software you use to do that depends on what OS you're using at the
moment.  Assuming you're running Windows of some form, then Nero is a
good choice:


You need to take care to tell Nero it's burning a disk image, rather
than just making a copy of the file you downloaded.  The CD you end up
with should be bootable.

Now, just follow the instructions here:


Note that the Sysinstall part of doing an install is just the beginning.
 It will give you a working system, but with a command line interface.
Installing the windowing system and so forth will take further work.
It's all covered pretty well in the Handbook, but feel free to ask here
if you have further questions.



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