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>> > That's all within transition. Currently, big video portals are
>> > moving to HTML5, often including the wish to also use free and
>> > open standards for their videos so they can access a bigger
>> That's a no-go, I have it on good authority that h.264 was chosen
>> over Theora. That along with mpeg-la having put out a press release
>> saying it won't charge royalties for "free" uses of some of it's
>> patents several months ago[0], while I would love for Theora to have
>> won out as the standard, once again corporate interest (this time a
>> big push from Apple, from what I understand) has won out.
> As I understand it, originally Ogg Theora was going to be the standard,
> but it's now been left open instead due to uncertainty about Theora
> infringing patents. Some sites are using Theora, but most seem to be
> going with h.264. I presume that this is due to IE support for h.264.

It's quite possible if the h.264 patents are really as extensive and  
broad as mpeg-la claims (also, if they are so overly broad, they need  
to be invalidated as patents are for specific inventions).

> I believe Google are going with h.264 and a newer BSD licensed  codec
> they are sponsoring themselves as an open-source, patent-free
> alternative.

I thought Google was going with VP8 (as was mentioned earlier)? I have  
a friend or two on the HTML5WG mailing list as the source of a good  
deal of my info.

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