concerning flash under freebsd

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Thu Jun 17 12:58:47 UTC 2010

RW wrote:
> As I understand it, originally Ogg Theora was going to be the standard,
> but it's now been left open instead due to uncertainty about Theora
> infringing patents. Some sites are using Theora, but most seem to be
> going with h.264. I presume that this is due to IE support for h.264.
> I believe Google are going with h.264 and a newer BSD licensed  codec
> they are sponsoring themselves as an open-source, patent-free
> alternative.

Google wants to promote it's VP8, which is at this point clearly inferior to 
h.264. Browser wars turned Codec wars. We, the users are always overlooked 
and no consideration given by those who wear the suits and ties. And the 
arguing points they utilize within their 'decision by committee' process are 
usually a distorted view of non-reality.


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