upgrading form 7.1-RELEASE to 8.0-RELEASE?

Tom Worster fsb at thefsb.org
Thu Jun 17 12:41:46 UTC 2010

On 6/16/10 1:06 PM, "Matthew Seaman" <m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk>

> On 16/06/2010 17:48:03, Tom Worster wrote:
>> as usual i let things slip until the servers are a couple of versions behind
>> and then i face the worries of upgrading.
>> will freebsd-update -r 8.0-RELEASE upgrade work on a 7.1-RELEASE system or
>> do i need to take intermediate steps?
>> does anyone have experience or advice they'd be willing to share?
>> and if all goes well, when i boot 8.0 are my deamons going to start and be
>> happy:
>> Server version: 5.0.87 FreeBSD port: mysql-server-5.0.87
>> Sphinx (r1533)
>> Server version: Apache/2.2.13 (FreeBSD)
>> PHP 5.2.11 with Suhosin-Patch 0.9.7 (cli) (built: Nov 20 2009 16:10:58)
> Yes, this upgrade should work in one step.  Make sure to install the
> compat7x port, and all the software you installed under 7.1 will be able
> to keep running.
> Note however that the compat7x stuff is merely a measure to give
> yourself a breathing space between upgrading the OS and rebuilding all
> your ports.

excellent. i wasn't aware of the port.

would the order to do things be: update ports with portsnap, install
misc/compat7x, upgrade with freebsd-update and reboot?

> You really do have to reinstall all the ports on a major version
> upgrade: while installed ports will still run if you don't touch them,
> as soon as you start updating anything, or installing anything new, it
> will start to go horribly poo unless you haved reinstalled everything.

yes. i plan to upgrade all the apps to the current ports shortly after the
base upgrade.

> I note that the software you're running is all a few versions behind
> what's current, and some of those updates involve pretty significant
> changes (eg. php 5.2 to 5.3; changes to the way apache ports work;

i've already ported the code for 5.3.

> Oracle pushing to drop support for MySQL 5.0) so a bit of forethough and
> planning is advised, but there's no real deal-breaker there.

this has been a vexing concern for some considerable time now. but it's
perhaps out of scope here. if we had better insight into where oracle is
taking it...

> Also, if you wait for a few weeks you could go directly to 8.1-RELEASE,
> which might be a better choice.  There have been some pretty significant
> bugfixes between 8.0-RELEASE and 8.1-RELEASE.

bug fixes sound nice. a few weeks you say?

thank you for the input, matthew -- much appreciated.

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