upgrading form 7.1-RELEASE to 8.0-RELEASE?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Wed Jun 16 17:06:52 UTC 2010

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On 16/06/2010 17:48:03, Tom Worster wrote:
> as usual i let things slip until the servers are a couple of versions behind
> and then i face the worries of upgrading.
> will freebsd-update -r 8.0-RELEASE upgrade work on a 7.1-RELEASE system or
> do i need to take intermediate steps?
> does anyone have experience or advice they'd be willing to share?
> and if all goes well, when i boot 8.0 are my deamons going to start and be
> happy:
> Server version: 5.0.87 FreeBSD port: mysql-server-5.0.87
> Sphinx (r1533)
> Server version: Apache/2.2.13 (FreeBSD)
> PHP 5.2.11 with Suhosin-Patch 0.9.7 (cli) (built: Nov 20 2009 16:10:58) 

Yes, this upgrade should work in one step.  Make sure to install the
compat7x port, and all the software you installed under 7.1 will be able
to keep running.

Note however that the compat7x stuff is merely a measure to give
yourself a breathing space between upgrading the OS and rebuilding all
your ports.

You really do have to reinstall all the ports on a major version
upgrade: while installed ports will still run if you don't touch them,
as soon as you start updating anything, or installing anything new, it
will start to go horribly poo unless you haved reinstalled everything.
I note that the software you're running is all a few versions behind
what's current, and some of those updates involve pretty significant
changes (eg. php 5.2 to 5.3; changes to the way apache ports work;
Oracle pushing to drop support for MySQL 5.0) so a bit of forethough and
planning is advised, but there's no real deal-breaker there.

Also, if you wait for a few weeks you could go directly to 8.1-RELEASE,
which might be a better choice.  There have been some pretty significant
bugfixes between 8.0-RELEASE and 8.1-RELEASE.



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