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Ashish SHUKLA ashish at
Thu Jun 17 07:09:19 UTC 2010

William Bulley writes:
> When the CUPS server (cupsd) is built with GSSAPI support, the CUPS
> "Administration" tab (localhost:631/admin) contains this checkbox
> under the "Server Settings:" section:

>    (x) Use Kerberos authentication (FAQ)

> Unfortunately for me on FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE running cups-base-1.4.2_3
> the GSSAPI option is not present in the Makefile:

>    CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --disable-gssapi ...

> As a result my localhost:631/admin screen lacks this Kerberos checkbox.

> This condition is still present in CUPS 1.4.3 according to the Makefile
> at

> I need Kerberos support in order to use CUPS to print to a network
> printer here.  As a workaround, I was able to use a co-workers MacOS X
> system which was running CUPS to print to the same printer.  This Mac
> was upgraded to MacOS 10.6.4 today, and this workaround failed.   :-(

> So I am back to trying to use CUPS on FreeBSD to talk directly to the
> network printer, but without the Kerberos feature, I am locked out.

> Upgrading to CUPS 1.4.3 is unlikely to give me Kerberos support.

> It seems FreeBSD has Kerberos support in base at /usr/src/kerberos5.

> But I don't see how to bridge this gap.  FWIW, using CUPS 1.3.10 in
> the Fall of 2009, I did have Kerberos support (via GSSAPI) and I was
> able to talk directly to the network printer.

> Does anyone have any suggestions for me to consider trying?

The best suggestion would be to ask MAINTAINER of the port, why he disabled
Kerberos support, and maybe better mail him a patch with Kerberos support
enabled in the port :).

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