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William Bulley web at
Wed Jun 16 17:30:37 UTC 2010

When the CUPS server (cupsd) is built with GSSAPI support, the CUPS
"Administration" tab (localhost:631/admin) contains this checkbox
under the "Server Settings:" section:

   (x) Use Kerberos authentication (FAQ)

Unfortunately for me on FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE running cups-base-1.4.2_3
the GSSAPI option is not present in the Makefile:

   CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --disable-gssapi ...

As a result my localhost:631/admin screen lacks this Kerberos checkbox.

This condition is still present in CUPS 1.4.3 according to the Makefile

I need Kerberos support in order to use CUPS to print to a network
printer here.  As a workaround, I was able to use a co-workers MacOS X
system which was running CUPS to print to the same printer.  This Mac
was upgraded to MacOS 10.6.4 today, and this workaround failed.   :-(

So I am back to trying to use CUPS on FreeBSD to talk directly to the
network printer, but without the Kerberos feature, I am locked out.

Upgrading to CUPS 1.4.3 is unlikely to give me Kerberos support.

It seems FreeBSD has Kerberos support in base at /usr/src/kerberos5.

But I don't see how to bridge this gap.  FWIW, using CUPS 1.3.10 in
the Fall of 2009, I did have Kerberos support (via GSSAPI) and I was
able to talk directly to the network printer.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to consider trying?



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