Lpr 'queue full" error

Al Plant noc at hdk5.net
Sun Jun 13 23:01:34 UTC 2010


I have a network HP Laserjet 1100 printer that has been running with out 
failure since 2004 on my office lan using aps2 filter on a FreeBSD 4.9 
Lpr print server. It became intermittent recently in that it prints 
files from the command line only. The gui's on the three desktop boxes 
on the lan (all FreeBSD 8 & 9) no longer print.

The error is "queue is full" when print job is sent from a gui. It works 
fine from the command line. Could the aps2 filter have failed?

Any suggestions as to what to look for appreciated. Search only showed 
similar questions no answers.


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