lang/cmucl broken on amd64?

Martin Cracauer cracauer at
Fri Jun 11 20:30:54 UTC 2010

Michel Talon wrote on Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 11:34:33AM +0200: 
> Martin Cracauer wrote:
> > Right now I think there's a general lack of people building CMUCL
> > binaries, BTW.
> There are "recent" cmucl binaries built here:
> for freebsd 7 and freebsd 8.
> I think this is for x86, not x86-64 but they should work, it is not
> clear for me if cmucl makes use of 64 bits anyways (maxima doesn't).

There has never been a 64 bit port of CMUCL.  There is a partial port
for amd64 by Ed Wang, but it never got finished.

> Unfortunately there are not more recent snapshots for freebsd 8 and no
> freebsd snapshots at all since 2010.
> In january 2010 there is the comment:
> "
> The FreeBSD binaries I had uploaded for the snapshot were flawed: I
> just discovered that I accidentally built them without Unicode
> support.  To avoid confusion, these binaries have been removed.
> -- Alex Goncharov, 2010-03-30
> "

Alex has retired from making CMUCL for FreeBSD snapshots.  

I volunteered to take over but real life got in the way.  I don't have
any 32 bit FreeBSD installations left in my home farm.  So to build
the 32 bit binaries for various FreeBSD versions I probably need to
install a bunch of chroots, which then need the usual enter-chroot
customization blues.  I didn't do that yet.

> Being a maxima user i am very attached to cmucl which works very well
> with maxima (faster than sbcl), and i have in the past compiled cmucl
> using older cmucl versions, which works quite easily. Here i am afraid
> that Alex Goncharov has encountered some problem, and also that Darwin,
> Linux and NetBSD support were considered more important ...

I'll see whether I can get my behind in gear and get this going this

Interesting you have lower performance in SBCL.  Are you comparing a
64 bit SBCL with a 32 bit CMUCL? Is your SBCL binary (whichever
bitcount) compiled with thread support?

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