lang/cmucl broken on amd64?

Michel Talon talon at
Fri Jun 11 09:34:37 UTC 2010

Martin Cracauer wrote:

> Right now I think there's a general lack of people building CMUCL
> binaries, BTW.

There are "recent" cmucl binaries built here:
for freebsd 7 and freebsd 8.
I think this is for x86, not x86-64 but they should work, it is not
clear for me if cmucl makes use of 64 bits anyways (maxima doesn't).

Unfortunately there are not more recent snapshots for freebsd 8 and no
freebsd snapshots at all since 2010.

In january 2010 there is the comment:
The FreeBSD binaries I had uploaded for the snapshot were flawed: I
just discovered that I accidentally built them without Unicode
support.  To avoid confusion, these binaries have been removed.

-- Alex Goncharov, 2010-03-30

Being a maxima user i am very attached to cmucl which works very well
with maxima (faster than sbcl), and i have in the past compiled cmucl
using older cmucl versions, which works quite easily. Here i am afraid
that Alex Goncharov has encountered some problem, and also that Darwin,
Linux and NetBSD support were considered more important ...


Michel TALON

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