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On 10/06/2010 14:12:48, Jonathan McKeown wrote:
> Isn't that called VERP (variable envelope return path)? I agree - the load it 

Dat's der bunny.

> would impose isn't worth it. I'm just shocked that midphase care so little 
> about their reputation or the impression this is giving, on one of the more 
> widely-archived mailing lists, of their competence and diligence.

Who knows?  I suspect if the story got carried on slashdot or
theregister it might cause their management to wake up.  Or if the story
started showing up on the first page of a Google search.  (Fat chance of
that though -- they've obviously been working hard on the SEO)

Until then, as someone upthread said, block them using your access DB if
you run your own sendmail based mail system.  The equivalents for people
running other MTAs are left as exercises for interested students.  If
you don't have your own mail system, then I suspect that it will be
quite hard for you to arrange to block the e-mail from midphase.



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