TeX qurestions, for anybody who cares to reply... .

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Wed Jun 9 04:08:49 UTC 2010


> i see that i've used "per se".  in my ascii type i cannot type
> the e-aigu and i cannot find it in any of the docs.  12-15 years
> ago when i was first messing with tex i remember there =was= a
> way of telling tex to type the diacritical mark over the "e"....

First remark, "per se" being latin takes no accute accent.

But you should be able to use back-slash, single quote, letter e, to
get a e-accute

> i would like to make the text smaller that the surrounding text.
> so my last question is: how do i tell tex/latex to make the

back-slash small?


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