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Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Wed Jun 9 03:51:59 UTC 2010

hi y'all!

for a cchange i have decided not to bother/continue bothering
roland.  offlist.  he has set me up with enough of a starter that
>> 90% of my book is typeset.  i have a few other tex/latex
questions for anybody in the extreme east of Zulu time.  or
even points west to the dateline. 

below is where my main protagonist, erik-the-geek, is showing a
friend his unix CRT and a USENET newsgroup.  ---this is circa

i see that i've used "per se".  in my ascii type i cannot type
the e-aigu and i cannot find it in any of the docs.  12-15 years
ago when i was first messing with tex i remember there =was= a
way of telling tex to type the diacritical mark over the "e"....

the  most important part is that i want the demo blurb
[[modified from usenet when i drafted this]] in "typewriter"
typeface. the docs i googled said that {\tt text blah blah }
would put the text between the braces in typewriter-font.

i would like to make the text smaller that the surrounding text.
so my last question is: how do i tell tex/latex to make the
denoted text in tt font and with 9pt size?  the "\\" should give
the ragged edge as it appeared on the tube.  this works in
{verse} anyway.   i'm not sure what to do at the bottom of the
post; i figure trial/error will anser that.

here is the bit of the novel that i need help with.  any/all help
is much appreciated.


He added, ``There are some news groups on the Net that have little to do
with computers, per se.  There are groups that argue about politics,
religion, science, art, you name it.  I don't waste my time with those.''

``Can you show me?'' she said.

``Sure,'' Erik said, and drove back to the table where his hardware sat.
He typed a few keystrokes on the keyboard and watched the terminal.

``I'm bringing up the news groups,'' he said.  A moment later when the
screen displayed a list, Erik typed several more keys.

``Now what am I looking at?''  Bonnie asked some seconds later.

``Okay, this is one of the groups where you'll find endless arguments.
This is the newsgroup called `talk.abortion.'  Now the first article here
is this one--'' Erik typed another key and a brief paragraph displayed:

{\tt chris\_smith at holyrose.mass.edu Christopher L. Z. Smith

Masturbation is wrong

I think that not only is abortion the taking of an innocent living life,\\
but that for men especially, masturbation is WRONG.  When we males masturbate,\\
we are murdering countless millions of sperm which are, in my view,\\
imbued with that spark of infinity which we call GOD.  Yes, I realize that\\
sperm are genetically haploid but I still think and masturbation is Wrong!\\
Masturbation is a SIN!\\

Yours in Holy Opposition,


Chris Smith, Electronically spreading the Holy Truth.}

Bonnie finished the note and looked at Erik............. [[[ story continues]]]


that's about it.  if anybody can clue me in here, the answers
will help me with the the few other places that could,
optionally, use different fonts than the default.  


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