Java plugin with Firefox 3.6

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Jun 7 21:24:52 UTC 2010

On Jun 7, 2010, at 1:08 PM, Jerry wrote:
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> I honestly enjoy satire. That said, it does not change the fact that a serviceable version of Java, suitable for Firefox-3.6, does not exist within the FreeBSD framework.

That's pretty much accurate, if you don't want to consider running FF+Java under Linux emulation.  

> A quick investigation of other operating systems would seem to indicate that FreeBSD is virtually alone in this regards.

The JRE from has binaries for Linux, Solaris, and Windows-- which are the officially supported Java platforms-- and one could add Apple's MacOSX.  If you are running FreeBSD, Plan 9, HP/UX, IRIX, AIX, or anything else, Java is not going to be nearly as well-supported.

If Java is critical to you, seriously consider using another platform.

> Now, I assume that you are familiar with the nVidia 64 bit drivers and
> FreeBSD. It took years for that to be rectified. Based on that past
> experience, I feel that stating that Firefox-4 might well be released
> before a serviceable Java is available for version 3.6+ is a real
> possibility.

That's entirely possible.

> Your commentary does serve to prove a very real point however. To wit:
> Pointing out or stating a problem with a Microsoft product is
> insightful, constructive criticism; however, doing the same for an open
> source product is destructive, counter productive, flame bait.

Like many things, different people's motives and perspective tend to shape how they perceive the same set of underlying facts.

> Seriously Ian, I question whether the FreeBSD authors are more
> interested in bumping version numbers than they are in producing a
> fully serviceable, quality product.

The two aren't closely related.  Major version # bumps in commercial software often happen because the vendor wants to sell upgrade licenses, but that motivation simply doesn't apply to FreeBSD.  Major version # bumps happen in FreeBSD primarily because of major API changes which end up making an entirely new version of userland libc & other libraries desirable.  

> When was the last time you tried getting a native FreeBSD driver for an 'N' class USB wireless device?

Never.  The only 'N' device I have around is a Macbook Pro, and that's running the vendor-supplied driver which came with the device.

> Drivers for chips over a year old don't exist. It just seems to
> me that the priority should be on getting the present product fully
> functional rather than simply bumping version numbers. Then again, that
> is just my 2₵.

Hopefully you get your money's worth.


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