upgrade from FBSD from 8.0-release to stable-8

andrew clarke mail at ozzmosis.com
Sun Jun 6 14:40:41 UTC 2010

On Sun 2010-06-06 13:37:58 UTC+0000, Giorgos Tsiapaliokas (terietor at gmail.com) wrote:

> i have seach to net but i haven't find a way to update my system from
> 8.0-release to stable-8.
> can you tell me a way to do this?

My immediate thought was that if you can't work out how to update your
system to FreeBSD-STABLE then you probably shouldn't be doing that.

You should read the FreeBSD handbook then decide whether running
STABLE is actually what you want to do.  Particularly this page:


Most FreeBSD users install FreeBSD-RELEASE then use the freebsd-update
command to either patch it with security updates or upgrade to a newer
version of RELEASE.

As far as I know you can't use freebsd-update to upgrade to/from


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