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On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 19:10:32 +0000 (GMT), Andy Hiscock <andyjhiscock at yahoo.com> wrote:
> After being advised to upgrade after a freebsd-update I have
> successfully upgraded from 7.2 to 8.0-p3. OK but have come
> across a major problem for me.
> OK time for a BIG rant this has been going on for 2 days (very sorry)
> After the install of the new kernel Samba isn't working.   I TTL's
> onto the server and tried a testparm but the error messages suggest
> I have dependancies missing?! - surely this should be taken into
> account when upgrading versions - Major schoolboy error on FreeBSD
> when Linux can do this basic task seamlessly!

When you upgraded from 7 to 8, you need to recompile your ports
(or delete and re-install from packages). You can also install
the 7 compatibility libraries.

> OK I try sysinstall and find SAMBA isn't marked as installed. 

The sysinstall program doesn't know what's installed. It's just a
selection interface to the pkg_add program.

> I select samba for install but when installing SAMBA get a error
> code -1 (WTF is that all about REALLY USEFUL error message mate!)

The sysinstall program can't tell you what's the problem. The
pkg_add program probably exited with -1, and that's what sysinstall
is informing you about.

> Looked on google and keeps referring to PORTS being installed. 
> Tried the examples of how to install SAMBA but get loads of failed
> command line instructions - Doesn't say anything about installing 
> "PORTS" during initial installation.

At this moment, it would be useful if you could provide (1st) what
command you entered and (2nd) what the system responded.

Basically, in order to perform a major update of a system, you first
update your ports tree (e. g. using portsnap), then you enter the
port's directory in question and do "make deinstall", followed by
"make reinstall". You can of course use programs like portmaster,
portupgrade or portmanager to take care of this. For example, per-
forming the upgrade of all installed applications, the command
"portupgrade -a" can be used.

I may repeat: Major version updates of the OS usually require the
re-compilation of all installed ports.

> So I guess you can say I don't have "Ports" installed - why isn't
> this done automatically if its absolutely so critical for the OS
> to function right? 

In fact, it isn't. You can live without the ports collection. This
collection is just a subtree /usr/ports that is usually installed
together with the OS. You can use sysinstall to install the ports
collection after the system has been installed, or you can use
portsnap to obtain it. This subtree contains a hierarchy with
files describing how to handle (configure, install, deinstall, 
upgrade) applications. It is meant to make compiling programs
easier (no "./configure && make && make install"), and there
are programs interfacing with this system.

If you don't want to use ports, use packages. This is usually
done through sysinstall or pkg_add (see "man pkg_add"), as well
as, for example, "portinstall -PP samba" (see "man portupgrade")
which will install sanba by utilizing the ports tree, but not
by compiling - instead by getting the package.

> Error messages that mean nothing to the every day user.  

When you're dealing with ports and packages, you're not an "every
day user" (in terms of "average user"). In such a case, you shouldn't
even consider upgrading your system without reading the instructions
telling you how to do it.

I may politely point you at the excellent documentation provided
for FreeBSD - The FreeBSD Handbook and the FAQ. Feel free to read
more about OS and application upgrade there, and find out how easy
it is as soon as you *know* what to do.

> Apparently I am meant to have something called PORTS installed
> before I've even setup the server. 

No. You don't need the ports collection, and you can install it
whenever you want. Please read in the documentation what a port
exactly is, and what a package is.

> Im really beginning to lose my rag with this OS. 
> Is it meant for gurus only?


> So what am I meant to do now. 

Maybe first you bring your ports tree up to date, then install
portupgrade, and finally do "portupgrade -a". Before you do
this, read "man portupgrade", and maybe "man ports".

> Now I have XXX GB of data I cant access though SAMBA prior to the install?

I don't understand, sorry.

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