USB-Boot over fat32 parition

Tjado Mäcke at
Thu Jun 3 16:17:17 UTC 2010

Hi there,

I'm trying to boot FreeBSD 8.0 over or rather from an USB stick. The
memstick freebsd version doesn't work because my pc reboots after it
wants to boot from the stick (written with Windows dd on the stick).
This happens also, if i format the stick myself with ufs2 and install
the boot stuff...
So I setup the kernel on a GPT partition but then, my pc freeze before
the bios searchs for any connected devices. With the "zfsboot" i get
some strange characters on the screen but nothing happens anymore ( ).
I tried also different USB sticks (different manufacturers)....

My mainboard is a Abit KN9 Ultra with latest bios update from 2007 :(
Memtest86+ works with USB boot that is on a fat32 partition

Can i setup a fat32 partition that boots then the kernel from this or an
other ufs2 label on the stick?
I read also about but I didn't
find any further information for FreeBSD 8.0.

Thanks for any information :)


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