Sending alarms to my mobile phone

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Tue Jun 1 07:12:18 UTC 2010

El día Tuesday, June 01, 2010 a las 07:47:14AM +0100, Matthew Seaman escribió:

> On 01/06/2010 05:25:10, Olivier Nicole wrote:
> > I would like my FreeBSD server to send alarms to my mobile phone, it
> > could be voice messages or SMS.
> > 
> > I think I can hook a voice modem to that machine, but any suggestion
> > on the software side?
> Precisely what you need to do depends on who your phone company is.  It
> is frequently done by sending e-mail to an SMS gateway.  There are
> various ports designed to enable scripting of sending SMS-es to
> particular providers -- see comms/p5-SMS-Send-*
> If you have a GSM modem or mobile,  there are about 4 or 5 ports you
> could choose from.  Just do a 'make search name=sms' in /usr/ports.
> No idea about leaving a voice message -- doing voice synthesis is pretty
> well covered, but making a computer dial a phone and speak into it?

Concerning voice messages, in the past (around 1995) I experimented with
'vgetty' which was fine to build a UNIX based answering machine.
Google for it, it seems it is still maintained.



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