Sending alarms to my mobile phone

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Tue Jun 1 07:04:04 UTC 2010


> Precisely what you need to do depends on who your phone company is.  It
> is frequently done by sending e-mail to an SMS gateway.  There are
> various ports designed to enable scripting of sending SMS-es to
> particular providers -- see comms/p5-SMS-Send-*

I have to check if my phone comapny provides that service. It seems
they have a web plateform though.

But Murphy's law being in the middle, that's precisely when my system
will try to send me an alarm message that the SMS email gateway or the
SMS web gateway of the phone company will be down.

> No idea about leaving a voice message -- doing voice synthesis is pretty
> well covered, but making a computer dial a phone and speak into it?

Yes, but that would be the fun part of it, wouldn't it?



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