vidcontrol / vesa mode regression in 8.1-RELEASE

Tobias Rehbein tobias.rehbein at
Fri Jul 30 21:55:30 UTC 2010

Hi list.

I just upgraded my laptop to FreeBSD 8.1 and this time it's the first time I
actually have a regression: I can't switch my console to high resolution using
vidcontrol or allscreen_flags in rc.conf.

My kernel configuration contains VESA and SC_PIXEL_MODE:

        tobi at sushi [/usr/src/sys/i386/conf] > egrep "(SC_|VESA)" SUSHI 
        options         VESA
        options         SC_PIXEL_MODE

With basically the same kernelconfig I could use the following call in FreeBSD
8.0 to switch my console to a higher resolution:

        vidcontrol MODE_279

This no longer works. The display gets black and I can't see anything.
Nonetheless I can enter commands which are executed. I just don't get any visual
feedback. So I can at least reboot after experimenting with vidcontrol ;)

I tried several modes and it seems it's the VESA modes which are misbehaving. I
played with which is mentioned in the release notes but I
honestly don't know how to use it.

Any hints on this issue? I will provide further information if you tell me what
you need.

Thanks in advance, Tobias
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