Correct syntax of "supfile" to keep ports upgraded?

Adam Vande More amvandemore at
Fri Jul 30 18:18:06 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 1:12 PM, Ed Flecko <edflecko at> wrote:

> Thank you Roland; I didn't know portsnap is part of the base install.
> :-)
> >From a book that I have (Absolute FreeBSD - 2nd Edition), it says"
> Use either portsnap(8) or csup(1) to update the Ports Collection, but
> not both. The
> two tools are incompatible.

This line is correct

> csup is most useful if you are tracking
> -stable or -current,

This line is an opinion, one I disagree with.

> while portsnap is best for production systems where you use binary updates.

This is also an opinion, but I agree with it.

Just use portsnap unless you're used to doing the old way.
First time run:
portsnap fetch extract

anytime you want to update thereafter:
portsnap fetch update

Adam Vande More

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