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Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Fri Jul 30 05:09:30 UTC 2010

On 7/28/10, Chuck Robey <chuckr at> wrote:
> Dale Scott wrote:
>> Personally, I enjoy our mascot Beastie, as well as the Beastie-influenced
>> official logo. I also smile when I see Casper, Wendy andHotStuff.
>>  However, I also accept there are individuals who understand these symbols
>> differently than me, and that I may be alienating them to my
>> detriment.  It seems consumer products need to be mindful of cultural
>> differences, is FreeBSD different? A larger community and increased OS
>> market share wouldn't be all that bad, would it?
>> I hope that those of you who believe in FreeBSD but with a personal
>> conflict with the mascot or logo,
>>  band together and propose a complementary alternate symbol. I don't
>> mean flooding the mail list (it's obvious we can do that on our own),
>> I'm talking about difficult time-consuming organization, lobbying, and
>> support gathering. For me, I hope Beastie endures forever - he our first
>> and legacy mascot - but I also wouldn't object to one or two more
>> officially sanctioned mascots and logos either.
>> Dale Scott
> God, I rewrote this 4 times, because I need to be careful and correct here.
> First, there is no honest reason why people of differing opinions can't get
> along.  If others have problems with me having my own beliefs, I won't force
> them to live my way, but they must respect my own choices too.  The major
> point
> here, though, is a historical one: appeasement does not work, and even the
> attempt leads to problems.
> The point is, no sane person really believes that Beastie equates to devil
> worship, and I don't like the idea of letting crazies dictate my life.
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For users that are not offended, you can read about a story about Beastie:

I remember having read that article a long time ago, but is also
linked here in a recent article illustrating FreeBSD:



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