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Thu Jul 29 07:52:13 UTC 2010

On Wed, 28 Jul 2010 12:55:04 -0600
Dale Scott <dalescott at> wrote:

> Personally, I enjoy our mascot Beastie, as well as the
> Beastie-influenced official logo. I also smile when I see Casper,
> Wendy andHotStuff. However, I also accept there are individuals who
> understand these symbols differently than me, and that I may be
> alienating them to my detriment.  It seems consumer products need to
> be mindful of cultural differences, is FreeBSD different? A larger
> community and increased OS market share wouldn't be all that bad,
> would it?
> I hope that those of you who believe in FreeBSD but with a personal
> conflict with the mascot or logo, band together and propose a
> complementary alternate symbol. I don't mean flooding the mail list
> (it's obvious we can do that on our own), I'm talking about difficult
> time-consuming organization, lobbying, and support gathering. For me,
> I hope Beastie endures forever - he our first and legacy mascot - but
> I also wouldn't object to one or two more officially sanctioned
> mascots and logos either. 
> Dale Scott

Personally, I tried to stay out of this conversion (because it's OT and
I find all religions annoying). But, anyway, IIRC, the reason why
our nice little beastie is no longer the official FreeBSD logo, is the
sentiments you just mentioned. There was a discussion about this years
ago on one of the mailing lists (I don't remember which one anymore),
which resulted in a contest, and the result is the horned ball logo you
find on the top of This is also the reason why we
have to add 'beastie_disable="NO"' to /boot/loader.conf after a fresh
install now. So, please, refrain from calling for yet another new logo.

Best regards

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