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Thu Jul 29 17:49:06 UTC 2010

--On Thursday, July 29, 2010 11:03:07 -0400 Jerry McAllister <jerrymc at> 
> Actually, the OP said logo and made no mention of mascott.
> I am the one way back in this thread that introduced the difference
> of BSDie mascot and round thing logo in this thread.
> I assumed the OP meant the BSDie mascot and proceeded in that
> direction.   But, it is possible that the OP really did mean
> that sex toy than made him uncomfortable for religious reasons.
> I haven't heard my assumption corrected by him though.

Well, I guess I'm old fashioned.  I had no idea that was a sex toy, nor would I 
know how to use it.

Anybody care to explain?  :-)

Oh, and the absolute best part of this never-ending thread has been the 
Agnostix, Atheistix, JeesuX back and forth.  Had me rolling in the aisle 
several times.

Now about that sex toy......

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