Wifi AP behind FreeBSD

Maile Halatuituia maile.halatuituia at tcc.to
Wed Jul 28 21:00:53 UTC 2010

If you will have a BSD Box you do not need to have that Dlink Router.
Co's DHCP, Router can handle by the FreeBSD in addition to Hotspot

Lots and lots of manual for that on the Google.


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On 28/07/10 19.48, DadAN wrote:

> I wanna just ask if I really need setup nat? Because I think that it
> will by enought with nat by wifi router (dlink) connected to second
> nic ?
> And setup routing between nic's?

In that setup, what you're looking for is bridging, take a look here:


I don't know if you then need to enable routing in the kernel as I 
mentioned, as these are different things. I haven't tried bridging.

BR, Erik
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