Wifi AP behind FreeBSD

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Wed Jul 28 20:49:43 UTC 2010

On 28/07/10 22.43, Maile Halatuituia wrote:
> If you will have a BSD Box you do not need to have that Dlink Router.
> Co's DHCP, Router can handle by the FreeBSD in addition to Hotspot
> Login.
> Lots and lots of manual for that on the Google.

As I understand OP the DLink is required for the DSL connection and 
provides Ethernet to the FBSD box which then has a second interface 
connecting to the AP. I got a similar setup.

You cannot take the DSL router out of that setup, but it should be 
possible with some routers to have that be the bridge (pppoe I think). 
In that setup the FBSD must do the nat.

BR, Erik

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