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Chad Perrin perrin at
Sun Jul 25 20:11:59 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 11:23:59AM -0700, Charlie Kester wrote:
> On Sun 25 Jul 2010 at 00:57:14 PDT perryh at wrote:
> >This discussion has drifted badly OT
> Yes, and it really should be killed, now.  Please.
> My thanks to those few who did NOT take it as an occasion for
> Christian-bashing.  I'm not a Christian either, but I do get tired of it
> being the only religion people feel entitled to poke fun at. 

I'm as much a fan of people looking for reasons to be offended on someone
else's behalf as much as I am of people looking for reasons to be
offended on their own behalf.  Very little in this discussion was about
Christianity or Christians, per se.

If you don't like it for being off-topic, fine.  There's no reason to
believe it is "Christian-bashing", however -- because, at least for the
most part, it isn't (unless you think one person asking for the mascot to
be changed is representative of the entirety of Christianity, and by
disagreeing with him we are "Christian-bashing").

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