searching INDEX in .sh

b. f. bf1783 at
Sun Jul 25 09:35:28 UTC 2010

On 7/25/10, Aiza <aiza21 at> wrote:
> b. f. wrote:

> I just found /usr/ports/Tools/scripts/postsearch which uses the
> /usr/ports/INDEX-8 file as its source to search. This is a perl script
> but can be used from within in .sh script.

Ah, ok.  I thought you wanted to use the Bourne shell and base system
utilities only.

> Been playing with it and see a big inconsistence in how ports list
> build-deps and run-deps. Some ports list no build-deps just run-deps and
> vise-versa and some have same listed list in both.
> Thinking I will have to take both the build and run deps lists and sort
> them together and drop dups to create a good list of dependents to allow
> for the lax enforcement of standards in the Makefile about how to list
> the ports dependents.

As someone remarked, this is not necessarily inconsistent. The
standards certainly aren't lax, although mistakes are occasionally
made.  And it is slightly complicated by the fact that the listing in
the INDEX is recursive.


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