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Sun Jul 25 08:01:26 UTC 2010

Aiza <aiza21 at> wrote:

> ... see a big inconsistence in how ports list build-deps
> and run-deps. Some ports list no build-deps just run-deps
> and vise-versa and some have same listed list in both.

None of these is necessarily wrong.  A port consisting solely of a
Perl script would have no build-deps -- there's nothing to build --
but it would have a run-dep on perl.  A port which uses no shared
libs outside the base would have no run-deps, but it might have a
build-dep on a compiler if written in a language whose compiler
isn't part of the base.

> Thinking I will have to take both the build and run deps lists
> and sort them together and drop dups to create a good list of
> dependents to allow for the lax enforcement of standards in the
> Makefile about how to list the ports dependents.

If you're only going to build the port (to create a package to be
installed elsewhere) you don't need the run-deps.  If you're only
going to run it (having built it elsewhere) you don't need the
build-deps.  If you're going to build/install/run on the same system
you need both the build-deps and the run-deps, but after the build
has finished you can delete any build-deps that aren't also run-deps.

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